India Accelerator is a seed-stage, fixed term and cohort-based accelerator program that offers mentorship, financial advice, legal consultancy, educational advice and networking for businesses at all stages of development. They proffer ideas for businesses to assist them in joining the echelon of global barons and acquire loyal customers. They help startups gain go-to market access with their unwavering partnerships, improved conversions with their sales coaching, get references from their vast network and and procure distinct ways which is mostly founder-friendly.

Startups explain the rationale behind their accord with India Accelerator. They seek mentoring in the right direction, ability to leverage a vast, raw network, simple term sheet, quick feedback on various decisions and various other aspects. Similarly, there aren’t any rigid terms when it comes to be a part of India Accelerator, however, startups are differentiated on value proposition, market projection and growth driven winning ideas, which are easily identified.

The support and guidance isn’t just personal, but all-inclusive. They provide assistance and get to enhance your customer validation strategy, help perform a killer pitch, and assist in building your brand and most of all, infuse you with the resilience to stay motivated when things don’t go as smoothly as planned. Hence, enticed by the prospects of accelerated progress, external startups enter this ecosystem of innovation and execution.

On graduating from the accelerator, an event is organized, which is popularly known as Demo Day. The India Accelerator Demo Day offers an opportunity to the investors to meet the team behind the brands and build the essential network foundation required by the business leaders and the upcoming talent in the field.

India Accelerator Demo Day

Demo day presents itself as a chance for companies to present their pitch to an ecosystem of fellow entrepreneurs, mentors and investors after undergoing a rigorous program and a lot of work put into chiselling their journey. After days of intense pitch preps, the startups get fired up and ready to deliver that pitch which will deepen their ties with the ecosystem. For the investors, Demo Day is an essential part of the mix, as it aligns their potential funding with the potential portfolios. The startups participating in the 2018 Cohort come from eclectic domains such as fintech, insurance, legal-tech, food-tech and others, namely  Lawyered, Insurance Samadhan, Galaxy Card, Square1, Cab Bazaar, VOKO, WAM, Evalk and Kuants.

Every Demo Day posits itself as a challenge to elevate the companies’ narratives; nevertheless, every Demo Day celebrates its companies, their ambition and their innate potential. It is open to explorers possessing the mettle to follow the hype and pitch their respective startups this October. Demo Day is all about community, success fuelled by passion, and you are cordially invited to it!