The rather recent rise in the startup trend has brought budding businesses out of the confines of hostel rooms and cafes (and their free wi-fi), and enabled them to work remotely.

With the increasing business comes the increasing need to obtain a place where all of the workforce can work together. The idea of an office, the place where one's business can be setup, centralized and managed efficiently is certainly an alluring one to any budding startup.

This alluring idea has created a new kind of need; a startup office. To fulfill this need, the concept of coworking spaces has started gaining traction. Coworking spaces in India are rare, sure, but they have a lot of potential of succeeding.

“Collaboration is the Hardware. Coworking is the Software.”

The idea behind a coworking space is simple.

An office space is provided for multiple companies to use simultaneously, which basically means a bunch of companies work under the same roof. This arrangement is highly beneficial for startups, as they usually don’t have enough money to buy their own offices. Combine this with the rising prices of office spaces in India, the utility of a shared office space becomes all too apparent.

An office for a startup also serves as a startup accelerator. From allowing freelancers and independent contractors to have both their freedom and a steady workplace, to providing benefits like better teamwork, accountable employees, punctuality in the meetings and a general sense of working for a company, a shared office space brings too much to the table to ignore. Also, since it is cost efficient, it suits to the financial aspects of the startups as well.

Another encouraging factor for a coworking office is the diversity. Different people from different companies work together under a single roof, which provides ample of opportunities for interactions and learning. When various heads from different business startups meet, ideas gush forth.

The aforementioned point also brings another possibility to the table. It is highly viable that a new startup might share their office with an old, experienced business. These old businesses can mentor the new ones, bringing them up to speed about the nifty little tricks useful for making the most out of a market and training them to be business ready.

This setup, in a way, gives rise to a startup incubator, simply because different businesses are working in the same place. This arrangement is mutually beneficial for both of the parties, as the new startup gains experience and the older one gains a potential partner.

With so many benefits and features, a shared office is a prime choice for businesses small and big alike. It can be hoped that the growing corporate culture will also substantially see the rise of the system of coworking spaces. It might not be an exaggeration to say that this might even be the future of business, where mutual co-existence, instead of hampering, helps businesses.