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What Is A Community?

Community is a word which rings of optimism in the minds of those who hear it. A community is a shared feeling of belonging; a feeling that getting through struggles of survival becomes a bit easier together. Community is one aspect of life which spans across generations, as well as, across various species. The famous expression, “The lone wolf dies, but the pack survives!” comes to mind whenever the word community is used.

Community Across Generations

Since the dawn of time, primitive humans have used the word ‘community’ to generate a feeling of shared mutual benefit and comfort. It is believed that through this commitment to stick together, the community will be able to reap benefits. Earlier, humans used to build communities around shared interests, social ties, professions, religion, etc.  However, as the definition of such institutions and structures of social stigma are slowly breaking down, the word community has a whole new meaning to it altogether – a global community is the way of the future in order to reinstate collective optimism.

The Modern Community

Most people nowadays spend a lot of their time interacting with co-workers, among high-stress environments. In such situations, the daily struggles, chaos, and stress of modern life make the importance of communities, with a strong backbone, even more significant. Commercial enterprises have thus become the primary entry points of psycho-social interactions. The innate value of like-minded individuals who come together and breed creativity and free-flowing thoughts, help create a healthy spectrum of socio-professional amalgamation.

In addition to this, let’s put into perspective, the demographics of our workforce today, with 65% of professionals being young Millenials which calls for heterogeneous and flexible work-environments.  This automatically translates to enterprises of all sizes to realize the potential displayed by coworking spaces in order to navigate and build up community-building initiatives, which also assist with bringing a strong sense of belonging.

Coworking Helps

The state of coworking today is that, there are over 19,000 shared office spaces with millions of diverse members from a vast range of backgrounds. This has led to a groundbreaking change in the socio-professional experience for SMEs, startups, freelancers, and large enterprises alike, forming a perfect bedrock for commerce, community building, and collaboration. Coworking has really helped break down the barriers of cubicles and limited interaction with intra-team members only, and helped spread the flow of ideas and shared ideas of a close-knit community. They also help relationships extend as social bonds, overlooking demographics and designations.

The 3Cs

 Coworking community building has introduced a very optimistic  atmosphere of the 3 C’s:

  • Community
  • Commerce
  • Collaboration

Community –  Individuals from a variety of organizations, across varying hierarchies come together, connecting and sharing their skill-sets with each other has become a key component in order to build a strong workspace community, which helps promote sustainable business growth. In addition to this, coworking allows for setting high benchmarks for a strong corporate and learning culture. This is achieved by the organization of appropriate networking and social events solidifying the bond between enterprises, employees across various demographics. Social relationships are much more enhanced because of coworking.

Commerce – Highly conducive business environments with a free-flowing conversational style are proving to be pivotal for ensuring the success of coworking spaces. Limitless possibilities open up due to the same: business alliances, ideas, innovations, and B2B associations are all easier and simpler because of the introduction of these spaces. This is supported by a study conducted by Forbes, where 83% of enterprises admit to obtaining apparent business benefits after moving to shared workspaces.

Collaboration-  Collaboration is essentially synonymous with coworking, it is basically the same thing. A high degree of mutual learning between organizations of different scales, help businesses eliminate the gaps between the expertise of  SMEs and big corporations. Companies often find mutual corporate needs and collaborate on a business level to enhance their scope of work as well.

Undoubtedly, the trend of community-building and promoting collaboration at workspaces will gain further momentum in the coming years. Developments in artificial intelligence, voice recognition, and IoT will soon replace the need for desktops and laptops.  Coworking will definitely be a boon for the future of businesses.

IA Team