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26th October 2018
3:00 PM - 6:00 PM
Palms Country Club, Gurgaon

About Demo Day

Sixteen weeks of hard work, sleepless nights, discussions, debates and decisions will come to fruition in the hour of action - The Demo Day. It is the culmination of the gruelling accelerator program, where startup founders have few minutes to make the pitch of their lives and dazzle the investors.

A ‘By-Invitation only’ event for 50+ investors, Demo Day is a private viewing of our most recent accelerator startups before they ‘graduate’. It’s a platform for the founders to share their vision with the selected set of investors; while the attendees get to meet these industry change-makers and network with other like-minded, top-tier investors and corporate strategists and press.

Join this celebration of entrepreneurship, explore new technology trends, indulge in some interesting conversations and set a path for the future.

For our GAN community spread across the globe, and for those who can’t attend in-person, we will be live streaming.

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Insurance Samadhan

A grievance redressal platform for all insurance policy holders. It helps policy holders to resolve genuine grievance of fraud selling , claim settlement etc. Provide a Platform where Policy Holders register the complaint and hand over the redressal process to Insurance Samadhan.


GalaxyCard is a mobile-based Instant Credit Card. Compared to a regular credit card application which takes around 3-4 weeks, GalaxyCard users make their first purchase in just 3 minutes, without having to upload any documents.


Lawyered helps advancing the “Rule of Law” by helping clients decode requirements and provide them an effective solution by connecting them to reputed & reliable legal professionals. It is a DISCOVERY PLATFORM which connects CORPORATE LAWYERS to Businesses, SMEs (Small & Medium Enterprises), Corporates and Startups.

Cab Bazaar

Cab bazaar is a taxi ‘Aggregator’ with a vision to make taxi services user-friendly by providing, best price and fully automated booking facility to users. Their USP is a cost-effective and user-friendly model—They provide the allocation of drivers and cab details, in ‘Real Time’ booking, with the facility to book one way or round trip cabs from around 120+ travel agencies and 180+ drivers, the team has been able to gross 1.7 + million in top-line revenue.


Kuants, with a vision of increasing the penetration of automated algorithmic trading among the Indian masses claims to develop one of the most sophisticated technology platforms in algorithmic trading. It has created algorithm strategies for live markets that enables users to deploy any of the existing strategies through the click of a mouse. The increasing trend of algorithmic trading is projected to rise to approximately 80% in 2020 for Indian market. Kuants envisions to position itself ahead of the curve.


Evalk helps the mute and the hearing impaired to be heard, by creating a software that translates sign language to speech. The product has many use cases, such as video chat applications, AI assistants etc. The company is in the process of building an AI-powered app that shall serve to convert sign language gestures into speech. The power of Neural Network, Machine Learning and AI has provided them the opportunity to build a platform that can understand, interpret and convert sign language gestures to speech in real time.

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